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[The VMPCrypt was named VMPC Security until 16 Nov 2009 and VMPC Data Security until 20 July 2007]

1) PC Format nr 12/2006, pages 64-65: description of the VMPC Data Security application.

2) Software Developer's Journal nr 7/2006: Home version of the VMPC Data Security application on the magazine's CD.

3) Chip issue 10/2005, page 98: "VMPC Data Security" - information about the application. Home version of the application on the magazine's CD - "Hits from the cover" section.

4) Software Developer's Journal issue 09/2005, pages 24-27: "Encryption and authentication with the VMPC Stream Cipher", Polish, English and French edition of the magazine.

5) Computerworld issue 12, 22 March 2005, pages 24-26: "Data well mixed" ("Dane dobrze wymieszane") - test of the application.

6) PC Format issue 05/2005, page 112: "VMPC Data Security" - review of the application.

7) Chip issue 04/2005, page 83: "Data encryption with VMPC" ("Szyfrowanie danych za pomoca VMPC") - information about the application. Demo version of the application on magazine's CD.

8) Komputer Swiat issue 08/2005, page 9: "In cipher speak to me" ("Szyfrem do mnie mow") - information about the application.

9) Komputer Swiat Ekspert issue 04/2005: demo version of the application on magazine's CD.

10) Review of the VMPC Data Security application at Computer Security service.

11) Description of the application in Polish cryptography service

12) "VMPC for everyone" ("VMPC dla kazdego") at

13) "VMPC for everyone" ("VMPC dla kazdego") at

14) "VMPC in action" ("VMPC w akcji") at

15) "VMPC cipher in wide world" ("Szyfr VMPC na szerokich wodach") at

16) "[VMPC] for free" ("[VMPC] za darmo") at

17) "Release of Polish cryptographic tool" ("Premiera polskiego narzędzia kryptograficznego") at,,,,,

18) Home version VMPC Data Security available for download at FTP sections of services,,,,,

FSE 2004
Publication at International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) conference FSE 2004

Konferencje Enigma
Publications at National Cryptography Applications Conference Enigma 2004, 2005, Warsaw, Poland

Award from Wroclaw Center of Technology Transfer at Wroclaw University of Technology

Software Developer's Journal
Recommended Project by computer magazine Software Developer's Journal

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